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Timber Sales

Sealed Bid Timber Sales

The first step in the timber sale process is to help the landowner decide if he or she has timber ready to sell and when to sell that timber. When a sale is recommended I will mark your timber for harvest while giving consideration to your ownership objectives and the best forest management practices. I can then market that timber for you obtaining a good competitive price while avoiding many of the problems that can be associated with timber sales.

After the timber is marked I put together a timber sale bid sheet, which is mailed to 40 to 60 possible timber buyers about one month prior to the scheduled bid opening. The bid sheet includes a listing of the number, species and board foot volumes of all marked trees, a map of the harvest area and accesses, time, place and date for the bid opening, and the terms of the sale.

On the day of the sale I conduct the bid opening and provide and complete the timber sale contracts. Our fee for this service is due after the owner receives payment from the successful timber buyer. When the timber is harvested, depending on our agreement, either the owner or I handle the logging inspection. A well done timber sale can earn the owner considerable income, while at the same time improve the productivity of the woods, improve wildlife habitat, protect water quality, create access, and do so without destroying the looks of the woods.