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Timber Management

Let Us Plan Your Stand

In order to help you meet your forestland objectives we offer many services, such as writing a forest management plan or performing timber stand improvement work.

The process of writing a forest management plan can be rewarding and educational experience. It helps you develop a timeline to maintain a healthy forest and maximize it’s investment value for the future. Some state and federal grant programs actually require a management plan be written and may compensate the landowner for part of the cost. Management plans are also useful for large organizations or families where the objectives of several people must be reconciled with the financial obligations of ownership. This process begins with a simple walk through the woods with a consulting forester.

A vital part, often one of the first steps, in long-term forest management is the performance of timber stand improvement. This can be as simple as cutting grapevines in an otherwise healthy stand of mature timber, or as complicated as crop tree release and thinning work in a dense young stand. Sometimes invasive or escaped plant species can become serious enough to require removal as well. The cost of this work is often overshadowed by the improved health, growth and value of the forest in just a few years. Click here to learn about the types of work we can perform in your woodland.