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Timber Appraisals

The Timber Appraisal Experts

We appraise timber for a great many reasons. The reasons include litigation, buying woodlands, selling woodlands, management planning, tax benefits, timber theft, and partitioning. I qualify as an expert witness in local, state and federal courts. I only appraise timber value and not land or ornamental values.

The first step in doing a timber appraisal is to complete a timber inventory. We do both sampled or 100% inventories depending on the woods and the purpose for the appraisal. Once the timber volumes, species and grades have been determined we use comparable sales selected from the many we do for our clients each year to determine value.

A timber appraisal is presented in a report including a woodland description, a description of the inventory and appraisal process, a listing of comparable sales used to establish value, woodland maps, timber values, and management recommendations.

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